John T. Mickevich
Composer & Songwriter for Media, Stage, and Listening​​
  1. Tranquility
    Nocturne No. 1, For Piano
  2. Late August Storm
    Symphonic Overture
  3. About Strangers
    Teaser Trailer
About Me
This page is so very, very, very under construction. So much so that I'm not quite sure how you found it, because I'm not telling anyone about it. ​​​​

John T. Mickevich is a composer, writer, and director living in Los Angeles. After studying film scoring at Berklee College of Music, John became a filmmaker himself. With internet views​​​ counting in the millions , his productions and scores have been showcased on CNN and the G4 Network, and have had front-page features on YouTube and Yahoo! His original score for the short " Janitors ” helped propel it to an Internet Emmy Nomination and a Silver Ace award at the Las Vegas Film Festival.

John is also a composer of concert-music pieces, including  “Snow” (for ensemble and choir), and “
Tranquility ” (for solo piano). Recently, John created the music for the feature film “ Virus Of The Dead ,” and the upcoming independent feature “ About Strangers .”  As a songwriter & composer for musical theater, John wrote music for the critically-acclaimed productions " Under The Jello Mold " and " Narsociety .'